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How to get custom profiles in four simple steps

V.A.V. Group has a customer-oriented and flexible approach to profile manufacturing. We create profiles with our client’s needs in mind, while also being an active innovator and finding new and improved profiles. Our flexibility and fast prototype rounds and delivery make us a reliable provider of various sealing solutions.

1 Getting in touch with us

When you first get in touch with us, the most important thing we will want to know is what your needs are and how we can fulfil them. We will go over your requirement for the material and colour of the profile and the timeframe you are working with. This involves understanding the environment and conditions your product is meant to operate in, and any standards it must meet. There is always a chance that we will not have the exact materials and processing tools ready to go, but we will always strive to innovate and find ways to a solution that fits your requirements.

We will also ask you about the annual need or the average volume size you are planning on. The volume and complexity of the tool will have some effect on the cost of the order.

2 Creating the tool for your profile

We will need the blueprints for the profile, which we can get in one of two ways. Some of our clients will have the specifics ready to send over to us in PDF, DWG or similar format which we can use to create tools used to manufacture the profile. In this case, we will continue on to create the tool and get started with the first sample of your profile.

Some clients may have an existing example of the profile but no blueprints to send us. In these cases, they can mail their example profile to us, and our engineers will create blueprints based on them. Our engineers can also start from a sketch, illustrating for example the planned usage of the profile, and create an initial blueprint. The blueprints will be sent over to the client for confirmation before we start making a new sample.

We use the blueprints to create the tool for shaping your profile. The tool can be improved whenever your product develops. For more information, check out this article about the process of creating new tools

3 Your first sample will be ready in two weeks

When all of your needs have been mapped out and the tool is ready, we will create the first sample and have it delivered to you in two weeks, or later according to your wishes. This is when you can test the sample, offer feedback, and request modifications. Depending on where you are located and where the profile will be used, getting it tested can understandably take time. We will usually check up on you after a few weeks, but that does not mean you should rush with your tests

We will go over this stage of the process and perfect the tool until you deem the profile ready. Quite often required changes can be implemented by modifying the existing tool, or if changes are significant we might need to draw and print a new tooling. 

4 Ordering and receiving your product

At this point, we have all the information we need to put your order in place. This includes the volume of profile you are ordering, the material, colour and all necessary properties of the profile, the packaging style, and when and where the shipment will be delivered. The delivery time from the factory is also two weeks, but if you have asked for a later time or ordered the profiles well in advance, they will be delivered according to your wishes. While the standard delivery time is two weeks,  for urgent orders, depending on the number of orders we have and the materials in stock, we can see what we can do to speed up the delivery.

When the tool is finished and we have all the necessary information from materials to production volume we can take your order and move it on to production. We want to include the client and their wishes in every step of the production process but also do our best to improve and develop their profile. Especially the more complex tools require a lot of creative thinking from our engineers.

For when off-the-shelf products don’t cut it

Whether it’s a one-time or repeating order, the production process will get the same professional treatment every time. With our flexible production lines with co-extrusion capabilities, capability and speed to modify products to customer specifications and sometimes even co-designing the perfect solution to customers‘ problems, we can say that innovativeness is the key driver in our company culture.

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V.A.V. Group specializes in producing tailor-made profiles for customers who have specific requirements for their products. Our production process is extremely flexible with an ability to quickly produce small to medium size production series. We work together with our customers to find the best solution. The company was founded in 2005 and is located in Ii near Oulu in northern Finland.

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