Laser markings for your profiles

You can get text, numbers, or your company’s logo engraved on your seals. We can add a personalized laser engraving of your choice to seals and other products, with a font as small as just a few millimeters in size. 

A serial number is an insurance for your product, and any informative markings are extremely useful in unpredictable cases where the product is faulty or has sat in storage for too long. Engravings are extremely useful for traceability, and they help keep track of the origin, date, and materials used in your product. 

V.A.V. Group offers laser marking for many materials, including silicone, TPE and TPV, metal,  wood, and even glass. Outside of seals and profiles, it has so far been used to mark for example names and dates on metal assembly pieces and label plates. Our laser marking machine is the Finnish-made Cajo Stella.

Contact our team to get personalized laser markings for your profiles and other products: Contact Information – VAV Group