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V.A.V. Group’s Value Offer

V.A.V. Group’s Value Offer is built around four basic goals: to be Innovative, Fast, Flexible, and Reliable. Our guiding principle is to meet these four goals so that we can find the best solution for each customer in order to ensure their competitiveness. It’s important, however, that we prove that we can follow through with our value proposition, and show our customers real results. That’s why we are taking the time in this article to talk about our goals, what we do to meet them, and why our Value Offer is important to us and our customers.


V.A.V. Group is an active innovator in its field with over 20 years of experience in profile and material manufacture.

Our guiding principle is to find the best solution for each customer in order to ensure their success and competitiveness. With our flexible production lines with co-extrusion capabilities, capability and speed to modify products to customer specifications and sometimes even co-designing the perfect solution to customers problems, we can say that innovativeness in the key driver in our company culture.

There is a problem no off-the-shelf solution tackles? We’ll do it

There is a need for small runs for testing and prototyping purposes? We’ll do it

There aren’t tools to produce certain kind of profiles? We’ll do it.


Reliability isn’t important only to us, but to our customers as well. This spring’s customer satisfaction survey showed that reliability is the attribute that our customers value most. The second most important attribute from the customers‘ perspective is quality. We consider quality an element of reliability and are strongly committed to high-quality production.  Reliability was also our strongest trait according to the majority of customers who replied to the survey. Reliability also means that we will actively respond to reclamations where they come up and take responsibility for any mistakes.

To support the opinion of those who responded, we have earned the highest Finnish credit rating of AAA, which has so far been given only to about 4 % of companies in Finland. We have also earned quality certifications that are required by many industries, e.g. train and shipbuilding industries, and naturally, we have the ISO 9001 Quality Certification. These certifications are essential for many of our customers, and if we are lacking in a specific certificate, we will get it. We also received 5/5 stars in the Alma Talent Menestyjät– ranking analysis, which is based on the last three years’ performance of each company.


Time is one of the most valuable resources we have in life, and one of the most valuable things we can offer to one another. Time is also a precious resource in business, especially if we have the ability to carry out projects on a rapid schedule. Combined with flexibility and reliability, we can offer our customers a fast supply of products, with prototypes delivered in two weeks from when we receive the drawings or model of the product. Quite often a customer’s R&D process requires several experimental prototypes before the final product design is found. V.A.V. Group’s fast prototyping rounds make this part of the process easy and efficient.

Sending prototypes out to our customers in two weeks is a fine achievement, but we aim for that two-week supply time for their future production orders as well. Our customer history shows that the reliability of our supply has been over 95 %, proving that our talk of fast supply isn’t just empty words, but a service that we do our best to commit to. We aim for the kind of schedule that few others in this field could reach.


For us, flexibility means that all projects are implemented on the customer’s terms. Innovating is part of our job, especially when creating prototypes, but our priority is to follow the customer’s vision. Sometimes customers may have an idea, that isn’t planned all the way through. That’s when we step in and work with the customer to find ways to make their vision work in practice. The goal is to create a prototype together with the customer, that follows their plans, and that they can approve of without feeling like the resulting prototype is completely unrecognizable from their original idea.

When we have a functional prototype that has been cleared by the customer, we start manufacturing it in larger batches and filling out the customer’s orders. We associate flexibility with the idea that our customer is present in, and part of the manufacturing process, and that their needs are always a top priority. Projects can require all kinds of new tools, materials, or processes, and they can come in unexpectedly and with a tight schedule. That’s why we make sure to react to requests quickly, keep an open mind, and be ready for anything. 

To sum everything up

From these four values, speed is our trump card. A two-week supply time is an ambitious claim to make in this field, but based on our supply and customer history, it’s not an empty promise. Flexible and customer-oriented processes ensure projects where the customer is aware of the steps and stages of manufacturing and feels heard and understood. We want our clients to continue to see us as a reliable partner, as they have so far according to the survey. Our Value Offer means that we deliver a rapid supply of products and processes that focus on the customer’s vision and offer service, quality, and accountability that they can rely on throughout the year. 

You can find more about the survey mentioned in this article from the link below:

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V.A.V. Group specializes in producing tailor-made profiles for customers who have specific requirements for their products. Our production process is extremely flexible with an ability to quickly produce small to medium size production series. We work together with our customers to find the best solution. The company was founded in 2005 and is located in Ii near Oulu in northern Finland.

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