Chlorine-free silicone can be used in all profile applications

Chlorine – or halogen-free silicone profiles are produced by adding organic, chlorine-free peroxides to the silicone during its vulcanisation instead of the traditional peroxide that is used for decades in the silicone vulcanization process. Even though vulcanized silicone (by using traditional peroxide) contains very small amounts of chlorine and is not harmful in normal usage, there is a growing green trend to minimize the usage of chlorine. Therefore the silicone industry has developed another vulcanization agent, that is chlorine free. Chlorine-free silicone can be used in all profile applications, from door and window gaskets to ventilation systems and many more.  

Additional benefits from chlorine-free properties are gained for example, in shipbuilding and rolling stock industries, where silicone profiles work as a fire-safe insulator. One of the advantages of chlorine-free silicone is that should it be exposed to flames and burn, it will not produce harmful chlorine compounds or hydrochloric acid. This makes evacuation in the event of a fire more safe for passengers and crew.

We have the ability to add a chlorine-free property to all normal profiles on our production lines. We have organic peroxide in stock and are able to provide chlorine-free profiles to all of our customers. 

If you have any questions or think that your current profile would benefit from being chlorine and overall halogen-free, get in touch with our team!

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