V.A.V. Group is a specialist in Tailor-made sealing solutions, raw materials and installation methods. The company manufactures and assembles high-quality silicone and TPE profiles starting all the way from the production of the right raw material mix.​

The Strongest in Finland

Active innovator

V.A.V. Group specializes in producing tailor-made profiles for customers who have specific requirements for their products. Our production process is extremely flexible with an ability to quickly produce small to medium size production series. We work together with our customers to find the best solution. The company was founded in 2005 and is located in Ii near Oulu in northern Finland.    

The company’s guiding principle is to find the best solution for each customer in order to ensure competitiveness.

Most importantly, we value our clients and make sure our profiles always meet the required standards. We want our clients to feel heard, which is why we hold satisfaction surveys whenever possible. You can find the results of the most recent survey here!

Our value proposition






V.A.V. Group is an active innovator in its field with over 20 years of experience in profile and material manufacture.

Our guiding principle is to find the best solution for each customer in order to ensure their success and competitiveness. With our flexible production lines with co-extrusion capabilities, capability and speed to modify products to customer specifications and sometimes even co-designing the perfect solution to customers’ problems, we can say that innovativeness is the key driver in our company culture.


V.A.V. Group finds the most suitable materials and profile forms for each customer. 

Combined with flexibility and reliability, we can offer our customers a fast supply of products, with prototypes delivered in two weeks from when we receive the drawings or model of the product. Quite often a customer’s R&D process requires several experimental prototypes before the final product design is found. V.A.V. Group’s fast prototyping rounds make this part of the process easy and efficient.


V.A.V. Group designs and manufactures its products from the start to fit the customer’s specific needs. The company also designs and manufactures profiles for smaller needs.

For us, flexibility means that all projects are implemented on the customer’s terms. Innovating is part of our job, especially when creating prototypes, but our priority is to follow the customer’s vision. The goal is to create a prototype together with the customer, that follows their plans, and that they can approve of without feeling like the resulting prototype is completely unrecognizable from their original idea.


V.A.V. Group holds the highest credit rating of AAA. Only around 4% of Finnish companies reach this rating. 

The second most important attribute from the customers’ perspective is quality. We consider quality an element of reliability and are strongly committed to high-quality production. Reliability also means that we will actively respond to reclamations where they come up and take responsibility for any mistakes. The company maintains a quality system according to ISO 9001:2015.

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