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Hellbergs Dörrar – Doors for generations

Hellbergs Dörrar is a Swedish steel door manufacturer that specialises in fire protection, soundproofing, and other high-security doors.

Since the early 1950s, spanning over 70 years of dedicated service, Hellbergs Dörrar has evolved into a prominent leader in delivering security solutions throughout Sweden.

But what makes this company from the small town of Mellerud in western Sweden so well-known, and how is V.A.V. Group related to Hellbergs Dörrar?

Hellbergs Dörrar is a part of its parent company Hellbergs Door Company AB, with three other subsidiaries related to safety and security solutions. In 1950, Kurt Hellberg began manufacturing heavy duty safety doors for the Swedish market in the post-war era in Gothenburg. The growing market and superior products helped Hellbergs build a lucrative business in  rural yet charming Mellerud.

Nowadays, family-owned Hellbergs Dörrar is one of the key manufacturers of rated steel doors in Sweden, employing over 70 people in Mellerud.

Seals: Vital Components in Fireproofing Systems

Back in 2019, Sebastian Hellberg, the owner of Hellbergs Dörrar was working on a project within the shipbuilding industry when he discovered V.A.V. Group, and our flagship product, Fire X. This led to further discussions with V.A.V. Group’s Mia Ahlgren, who delivered a sample order to Hellbergs Dörrar for thorough tests and research. Fire X profiles proved to be of high quality and exceeded the standards, which was the first step on a common journey.

“The previous profiles used in our safety doors could not meet the requirements of the renewed fire certificates, therefore a new type of fireproof profile was needed”

“Fire X is a fireproof seal that is easy to use and of great quality. That is why it has become the standard profile material for all our doors, even the ones that don’t have a fire rating.”

Alvin Johansson, the purchasing manager of Hellbergs Dörrar, explains. 

The vast selection of Hellbergs steel doors,access doors, as well as door frames and thresholds, requires different sealing solutions of variable shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Since the Fire X silicone is a great material to work with, so far all requisites have been met and V.A.V. Group is now a household name at Hellbergs.

Making fireproof doors foolproof

Hellbergs Dörrar manufactures classic style steel doors as well as painted and /or laminated doors that have an aesthetically pleasing decorative layer for industrial, infrastructural, and housing purposes. Fireproofing is an essential part of housing safety, especially in large housing units in cities. In addition to constructing rated doors, careful attention to aesthetics and usability is paramount. These factors, alongside their diverse range of security ratings, are consistently taken into account at the Swedish steel door company.

“We have three variations of Fire X profiles that we use for our doors. Depending on the rating of the door we use them in different combinations. The purpose of the profiles could be fire, smoke and/or soundproofing. In short, we take all kinds of safety aspects into consideration with our products”, he continues.

Apart from showcasing a laminated surface that could easily fool anyone into believing that the sturdy steel door is actually a wooden door, Hellbergs Dörrar have a variety of additional features that turn a door into a highly functional element of everyday life. Some of the rated features are visible, but just like the fire and soundproof profiles, others are hidden.

“Most people wouldn’t realise what kind of features their front door has until its features got tested, for example during an attempted break-in or a fire. For the sake of our customers, we hope they never have to experience such a scenario. However, in an unfortunate situation where this might occur we have complete trust in our products”, Johansson states.

Forging a better future

Upon analyzing both Hellbergs and V.A.V. Group, it becomes evident that they share comparable core principles. Both companies prioritize high quality in their products, reliable delivery, and exceptional customer service, albeit articulated with slightly varying terminology on their respective platforms. Their fundamental objectives align closely, underscoring a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

“We align closely on core values and share a unified mindset aimed at delivering products and services of high quality to our customers. This enables great communication, especially with Mia, who has a service focused mindset along with speaking fluent swedish, we’re very grateful for that.”

Cathleen Nyman, marketing coordinator of Hellbergs Dörrar explains.

Environmental considerations hold significant importance within the Swedish family business as well. 

“Our production aims to minimize our environmental impact. We pay great attention to material selection and recycle the byproducts with care.We also consider our environmental values when selecting subvendors and V.A.V. Group is a company we can relate to for that matter”, Nyman adds.

Achieving top quality products that both companies are known for, communication is key.

“We have never had difficulties understanding each other, moreso we’ve made minor improvements to make our production more efficient. Mia is a true expert in her field and helps us with product development. Often V.A.V group adjusts their products to suit our needs which is something we greatly appreciate.”, Alvin Johansson says. 

When we ask about the “minor improvements”, he gives an example:

“Well, because we aim to reduce waste to the max, we noticed that the bottom rounds of the coiled Fire X profile were a bit compressed, which made them tricky to install and thus the last few meters of the profile didn’t quite meet our standards. It’s not a big problem per se, but I still told Mia about it. She understood and came up with a solution together with her team in Ii.”

At the end of our interview with Cathleen and Alvin, we asked them to summarize the cooperation with V.A.V. Group. Without hesitation, Alvin says: “If you are looking for a contractor who is flexible and able to produce detailed custom products, we will happily recommend V.A.V. Group.”

For those unfamiliar with the family-owned business located in Mellerud, Sweden, take a moment to explore their website: https://www.hellbergs.se/sv

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