Seal and profile solutions for various industries

Seal and profile solutions for various industries

No matter the industry, we are sure to have something to offer. From fire safety to urban construction to withstand high pressures, we can manufacture profiles to meet the requirements of your industry. Our EN and IMO standards fit the needs of rolling stock and ship building, and we can produce a wide range of gaskets and assembly components.

With our experience and expertise, we can help create the right product and tools for your job.


In our collaboration with Honkarakenne, we had to consider many factors to provide the best possible profiles for log house construction. Read more about our collaboration.


Need a hand in getting the perfect profile for door, window, or balcony glazing insulation? We provide high-quality products quickly no matter what the duration or scale of your project is.

For any construction project, finding the perfect insulation is a key step. From doors to windows and balconies, there are various types and materials to choose from, and it is important to make sure you pick the right one for your project. We can help you determine the ideal profile for your construction project.

We manufacture durable, high-quality profiles for all construction needs. In the door and window industries, the most common profile material is silicone, but other materials are used depending on the use case. Profiles in construction require a long service life, weather resistance, high tolerance for temperature changes, fast recovery, and UV resistance. Silicone and foam silicone meet these requirements the best and are the most commonly used materials. Foam silicone is an especially good insulator for both air and noise.

Learn more about foam silicone.


Rolling stock and passenger ships requires excellent thermal endurance and recovery as well as fire-retardant properties, all of which are perfectly provided by our Fire X fire-retardant profiles.

When it comes to rolling stock and ships, fire safety is one of the main priorities. All materials used for components in trains and ships, including door and window profiles, must follow European and global standards. The right materials will stall the fire or even extinguish it, and won’t create thick smoke or dangerous gases when they burn. V.A.V. Group developed Fire X profiles for fire-rated applications such as fire doors, trains, urban transport, and maritime transport. They are used in conditions that require high thermal resistance and where the seal must slow the spread of fire in extreme conditions.

The requirements of heavy transportation are also met with different co-extruded profiles, where two different grades of hardness or materials are combined to reach the best solution for specific needs.



Durable profiles for a wide range of needs

Profiles in heavy industries, like the pulp and paper industry or HVAC, require pressure strength and high tear resistance. Often also chemical resistance is required in hard operating conditions. Along with hardware and ventilation system profiles, we manufacture fire-retardant Fire X silicone profiles, and a comprehensive range of special- or further-processed products, like silicone rubber frames, rings, and pneumatic profiles.


Gaskets, pressure profiles, and more

We have the tools and materials to produce products and components for almost every need. Lighting fixtures, FDA-approved tubing, e.g. for milking systems, beer fermenters, hardware cases, sauna stoves, composting towers, heat exchangers – we’ll get it done.


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New projects and environments bring new challenges and requirements, from environmental hazards to special soundproofing. Always do your research, but don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Our flexibility gives us the advantage to innovate and experiment with various further processing methods.