Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is an excellent material for demanding conditions. Silicone profiles made of silicone rubber are perfectly suited for construction and metal industry applications.

Properties of silicone rubber

  • resistance to steam, pressure and moisture, fluorosilicone is also resistant to various chemicals and oils
  • operating temperature is -80 °C – +250 °C, momentarily over +300 °C
  • extruded hardness 10–80 ShA
  • colours according to the RAL chart

Silicone for varying conditions

Silicone rubber is resistant to steam, pressure and moisture. Fluorosilicone is also resistant to various fuels and oils. Silicone has excellent electrical insulation properties.

Silicone rubber has superior temperature resistance properties compared to other soft materials. It also has excellent UV/ozone resistance.

Using various additives, the properties of silicone can be adapted to different operating environments. Such applications include special materials for the paper and pulp industries.

Profiles can be manufactured according to the RAL colour chart.

Non-stretch silicone rubber

Silicone profiles can also be made inelastic. This is a result of product development by V.A.V. Group and an innovation that has proven useful in the window and door industry among others. Read more on non-stretch seals.

Silicone foam

Silicone foam allows for a soft seal and hard frame to be joined.