Don’t forget about our assembly services, laser engraving and 3D-printing

Don't forget about our assembly services, laser engraving and 3D-printing

We manufacture a comprehensive range of special- or further-processed products, like silicone and TPE/TPV rubber frames, rings, pneumatic profiles, and products with mounting tape or attachable parts.

Pressure profiles and the attached metal valves are used for example for washers in the pulp and paper industry all over the world. Other usage scenarios are, for example, the waterproofing of the compartments of some special vehicles. 


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In our collaboration with Honkarakenne, we had to consider many factors to provide the best possible profiles for log house construction. Read more about our collaboration.

Laser engravings

You can get text, numbers, or your company’s logo engraved on your seals. We can add a personalized laser engraving of your choice to seals and other products, with a font as small as just a few millimetres in size. 

A serial number is insurance for your product, and any informative markings are extremely useful in unpredictable cases where the product is faulty or has sat in storage for too long. Engravings are extremely useful for traceability, and they help keep track of the origin, date, and materials used in your product. 

V.A.V. Group offers laser marking for many materials, including silicone, TPE and TPV, metal,  wood, and even glass. Outside of seals and profiles, it has so far been used to mark for example names and dates on metal assembly pieces and label plates. Our laser marking machine is the Finnish-made Cajo Stella.


We manufacture components and spare parts with a metal 3D printer for example machinery manufacturing. We are capable of producing very detailed components based on blueprints or by modelling existing parts for the printer. 

The maximum measurements for 3D printed parts are 120 x 120 x 120 mm.

Frames and rings

We supply silicone frames, rings and attachments for all types of customers. Customers in various industries need ready-made frames for doors and windows, and heavy machinery used for example in the pulp and paper industry requires chemical and tear-resistance. These products are processed to be the best fit for the purpose, withstand their intended use, and allow for quick and easy installation.


PVC vs. TPE profiles

Two popular materials stand out for sealing solutions and profiles in building applications: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). Both materials have unique properties

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New projects and environments bring new challenges and requirements, from environmental hazards to special soundproofing. Always do your research, but don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Our flexibility gives us the advantage to innovate and experiment with various further processing methods.