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Non-Stretch Seals for easier installation

Non-stretch seals are not exactly new products, but they are still considered so useful that they can be found almost everywhere. The seals we make are usually used in doors and windows, which they were originally made for, but they are also used in the train and ship industries, construction, and even in log house construction. For us at V.A.V. Group, non-stretch seals were our entrance to the window and door industry, and we found that very quickly new and innovative applications for them started popping up all over regardless of the industry!

A durable profile regardless of the environment

One of the reasons that made our non-stretch seals so easy to apply in so many different industries was the stretch-preventing cord that is added to the seal. During installation, the cord stops the seal from stretching and helps it withstand pressure up to 100 Newtons, making it easy to install manually and automatically. 

Seals that stretch have to be measured with thermal expansion in mind, and they need time to settle before they can be trimmed; for example, if they are installed in the winter and not measured right, there’s a risk that the summer heat might loosen the seal and leave gaps. Another problem with other seals is that they need to be kept away from paints and other chemicals so their grip won’t fail. V.A.V. Group’s non-stretch seals are manufactured and treated to have the chemical durability to withstand various conditions.

Choose the material that fits your needs the best

For the seals’ longevity, the material is key. The stretch prevention cord can be added to all of our seal types. Our seals are mainly made from silicone or TPE, thermoplastic elastomer. Before silicone and other materials, seal profiles were usually made of rubber, which is environmentally unfriendly and has to be burned to be disposed of. 

As a material, TPE  is easy to recycle and was originally created to replace rubber. Since TPE and rubber are in a similar price range, TPE is a better, more ecological, and more affordable alternative. We also produce Bio-TPE, a TPE variant where 65 % of fossil materials have been replaced with bio-based oils. 

Most of the seals that we supply are made of silicone, which, while more expensive and less recyclable, lasts the longest out of all of the commonly used materials. Silicone is easy to work with and can handle temperature changes the best. That’s why it’s the most common material used for our fire-retardant Fire X -profile. Silicone has a long life span which reduces the lifetime cost of the product. V.A.V. Group also has the advantage of the flexibility that allows us to manufacture small and medium production series quickly, with all profiles cut to the exact lengths you need. This means that you’ll never have to waste resources for left-overs or long-time storage

Flexible and fast supply

We developed the non-stretch seal to offer more options for the window and door industries, where volumes were production volumes were often much larger than what was needed. Our flexibility and two-week supply times are essential to our customers, and so to help them switch over to the non-stretch seals we prepared tools to help in the installation of the non-stretch seals. 

The transition to non-stretch seals happened gradually, but as customers began to notice their useful properties, it didn’t take long for non-stretch seals to become the commonly used seal type that it is today. And, if you take a look around yourself now, the windows and doors in your house, at the grocery store, office, or on the train you’re taking, are likely using the same exact seals we make here at V.A.V. Group. Need a second opinion in choosing the right seal type and material? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help find the best solution for your needs!

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