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Installation and profile tapes

There are two primary uses for tapes in seals and gaskets. The first is as a groove sealant, where the tape ensures that the seal remains in place during installation. The second use is for permanent taping or so-called tape seals

V.A.V. Group has the right tape for every application. Depending on the materials and the target environment, we can find the best solution for your needs.

Choosing the right tape

The choice of tape is determined by the material of the surface to be taped. The most common tapes are suitable for almost any material, such as aluminium, wood or steel. Taping requires a flat surface to hold the seal in place during installation.

Speciality tapes are used, for example, on powder-coated surfaces or in areas where water or various chemicals can impair the durability of normal tapes. V.A.V. Group has been producing a variety of tapes throughout its history, and we have included 3M tapes in our selection. We can suggest suitable solutions if the customer does not know the right tape for the job.

The tapes are mainly attached to silicone and TPE materials. For silicone, a silicone adhesive is added between the tape and the sealant as a binding agent. For TPE no separate adhesive is needed.

Potential problems with seal tapes

The shape of the seal can affect how easily you can attach the tape to it. If necessary, the gasket will be designed so that taping is still possible. We have only encountered a few cases where the tape designed by the customer did not fit the profile. In such cases, the profile is either redesigned or we will find a different solution. The majority of tapings function according to the customer’s plans. 

Easy to incorporate into our seal manufacturing process

V.A.V. Group’s production is optimised so that taping can be added to the seal manufacturing process whenever the need for it arises. If the customer wishes, we can provide the complete package ready to go without any change in schedules. We can also add tape to seals purchased elsewhere, but to ensure quality we recommend that you consider a complete package from V.A.V. Group to avoid problems and save time.

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