2023 Trade fairs and events

Here is a small reminder of the upcoming trade fairs we will be attending this year. Make sure you mark the dates in your calendar and keep an eye out for newsletters with more details of when and where to find us during these events!


Oslo, June 6 -9th

Nor-Shipping is a bi-annual ocean and maritime industry trade fair that provides a meeting ground for professional networking and socializing, and a place for international companies to showcase their latest innovations. From exhibitions to panel talks to seminars, Nor-Shipping is full of different events encompassing the entire maritime industry chain. 

In the shipbuilding industry, both passenger and commercial transport require excellent thermal endurance and recovery, with requirements such as the IMO standard for maritime fire-retardant products. The most common materials we offer for heavy transportation are silicone and TPV profiles, especially our Fire X fire-retardant profiles. 

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Alihankinta Subcontracting

Tampere, September 26 -28th

Tampere Trade Fairs organises dozens of high-quality exhibitions for both professionals and consumers in Tampere every year. Alihankinta Subcontractor is Finland’s leading industrial event that presents the latest industrial, design and consulting solutions for the metal, electronics, plastics and rubber industries.

We manufacture durable, high-quality profiles for all construction needs. In the door and window industries, for example, the most common profile material is silicone, but other materials like TPE or TPV are used depending on the use case. Profiles in construction industries require a long service life, weather resistance, high tolerance for temperature changes, fast recovery, and UV resistance. 

Your material of choice can be tailored to meet various requirements; for example, we made profiles that work especially well in log house construction!

ELMIA Subcontractor 

Jönköping, November 14 -16th 

Elmia’s Subcontractor trade fair is the heart of industrial know-how. Elmia has been hosting trade shows and events in Jönköping, Sweden, since 1961. The Subcontractor event is “The leading arena for knowledge, innovation and the manufacturing industry of the future”, filled with innovations and industrial knowledge. 

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