Assembly Services: Pressure profiles

V.A.V. Group is a manufacturer of silicone and TPE/TPV profiles, but also of various assembly products, such as pressure profiles. Pressure profiles and the attached metal valves are used for example for washers in the pulp and paper industry all over the world. Other usage scenarios are, for example, the waterproofing of the compartments of some special vehicles. Pressure profiles are made from V.A.V. Group’s own silicone profile. 

The silicone used for pressure profiles goes through further processing to ensure that it can withstand the pulp washers’ harsh mechanical and chemical wear and tear. The profiles and valves must endure various conditions, from the fast spinning motion to different acids and alkalines used in the bleaching and washing phases. Pressure profiles are made according to the drum’s measurements, and finished profiles are connected to metallic valves, which direct air to tightly seal the profiles.

We at V.A.V. Group are happy to assist in the product development of the pressure profiles and valves. We place high importance on quality assurance and therefore conduct several inspections throughout the assembly process to ensure safe and high-quality products.
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