Finnish Profiles

Our profiles are commonly used in door- and window insulation, which requires excellent durability against the elements, UV radiation, and temperature changes. The usual profile materials used are non-stretch silicone and foam silicone.

Heavy industries, like the pulp and paper industry, require pressure strength and high tear resistance. Added agents in silicone profiles improve their required temperature and chemical resistance. We are also thoroughly familiar with the insulation standards of ventilation systems.

Our heavy industry reference clients include Andritz, who deliver systems and equipment to a large variety of industries.

In train and shipbuilding industries both passenger and commercial transport require excellent thermal endurance and recovery, and most importantly EN 45545-2 standard fire-retardant insulation. The most common materials used for heavy transportation are silicone and TPE/TPV profiles, especially the Fire X fire-retardant profiles.

For the shipbuilding industry we manufacture profiles that are fire-retardant and weather- and temperature-proof. Harsh conditions require the best quality and long service life – these requirements are met by our non-stretch silicone or TPE/TPV profiles and Fire X profiles.