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Tailor-made solutions for all industries

Tailor-made sealing solutions for all industries

We have the knowledge for tools and materials to produce products and components for almost every need.

Lighting fixtures, FDA-approved tubing, e.g. for milking systems, beer fermenters, hardware cases, sauna stoves, composting towers, heat exchangers – we’ll get it done. As long as we have the right materials and measurements, we can create a massive range of components. We will also assist in the development of your product and help find the best materials and processes.


In our collaboration with Honkarakenne, we had to consider many factors to provide the best possible profiles for log house construction. Read more about our collaboration.

Food industry

Our FDA-approved silicone works well for profiles and tubing used in the food industry and agriculture. We have made profiles for milking systems and for insulating beer fermenters and composting towers.

Heat or chemical resistance for various components

Our profile materials can be treated to withstand high temperatures, which makes them useful in sauna stoves and heat exchangers.

We can also treat our materials to withstand chemical corrosion. This resistance is useful in industries where corrosive chemicals are in use.


PVC vs. TPE profiles

Two popular materials stand out for sealing solutions and profiles in building applications: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). Both materials have unique properties

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New projects and environments bring new challenges and requirements, from environmental hazards to special soundproofing. Always do your research, but don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Our flexibility gives us the advantage to innovate and experiment with various further processing methods.