Selecting the right profiles for construction projects

Construction industry

Selecting the right profiles for construction projects


We manufacture durable, high-quality profiles for all construction needs. In the door and window industries, the most common profile material is silicone, but other materials are used depending on the use case. Profiles in construction industries require a long service life, weather resistance, high tolerance for temperature changes, fast recovery, and UV resistance. Silicone and foam silicone meet these requirements best and are the most commonly used materials. Foam silicone is an especially good insulator for both air and noise. Other commonly used materials we offer are TPE/TPV, and a more ecological option for these profiles, Bio-TPE, where 65 % of fossil materials have been replaced with bio-based oils

V.A.V. Group finds solutions to various profile needs
In our collaboration with Honkarakenne, we had to consider many factors to provide the best possible profiles for log house construction. Read more about our collaboration here!


Long service life

Weather resistance

Temperature changes

Fast recovery

UV resistance


In our collaboration with Honkarakenne, we had to consider many factors to provide the best possible profiles for log house construction. Read more about our collaboration.

Understanding Your Needs

Before you start your search for the right insulation material, it is important to have a clear understanding of your needs. What type of space are you insulating? What are the climate of the construction location and the temperature range you wish to maintain indoors? Is there a time or price constraint?

We at V.A.V. Group always aim for a two-week delivery time from the order and are ready to help you find the right materials. Our flexible production lines make it easy to manufacture and further process batch sizes ranging from small to medium. We also have experience in manufacturing profiles that are compatible with automatic installation tools.

Common Insulation Materials for Construction

Due to the excellent properties of silicone, silicone profiles are one of the most multi-purpose seals available. They are also the most commonly used profiles in many industries. The desired composition and qualities, like flexibility, improved tear resistance, or temperature limits, can be achieved with different blends.

Our foam silicone is especially good for loud city environments as it’s very good for keeping out air as well as noise. For construction purposes our self-adhesive seals are also helpful: they can be either permanently mounted without any additional installation, or used to help in the installation process of flat surfaces. (linkit)

For fire doors and fire security, read more about our fire-retardant Fire X -profile.

Don't Hesitate to Ask Us

New projects and environments bring new challenges and requirements, from environmental hazards to special soundproofing. Always do your research, but don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Our flexibility gives us the advantage to innovate and experiment with various further processing methods.

For more information on different insulation solutions, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team!


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