Fire X for safety in transportation

Fire X for safety in transportation and other demanding conditions

Fire X silicone is self-extinguishing, and its purpose is to slow down the spread of fire in extreme conditions. Its combustion gases are non-toxic and is operable in temperatures under +270 °C. Fire X profiles have been developed for fire-rated applications such as fire doors, trains, and ships.  

The basic material used in Fire X is silicone or TPV with fire-retardant agents added to them. Its combustion gases are non-toxic.

Tiivistprefiilit kuljetuskalustoon ja raskaaseen liikenteeseen


IMO FTPC Part 2 & 5

UL 94 V Classification V0

EN 45545-2:2020


In our collaboration with Honkarakenne, we had to consider many factors to provide the best possible profiles for log house construction. Read more about our collaboration.

Fire X is certified in accordance with European and global standards

The European standard has combined the requirements that used to be individual for most countries and specifies how and when materials are tested and what conditions they must meet. Our testing for Fire X is outsourced and measures various aspects in a controlled environment. The tests are used to time how long the material takes to burn, how much smoke is generated, and what kind of toxicity levels are found in the smoke. 

The fire-retardant Fire X profile ensures the safety of the crew and passengers and has the following fire safety certificates:

IMO FTPC Part 2 & 5

UL 94 V Classification V0

EN 45545-2

Long Service Life

Even though silicone as a raw material is not exactly green/recyclable, it has important advantages, like its long service life, that still makes it an ecological choice, especially when you get it from us. 

We at V.A.V. Group have the advantage of creating small to medium-sized batches, perfectly meeting the needs of rolling stock manufacturers.

The Importance of Functioning Fire Safety

For a deeper understanding of how fire-retardant profiles work, go take a look at our post about fireproof seals and profiles! The right materials will stall or extinguish the fire without letting out heavy smoke or toxic gases, which in the occasion of a fire while on the rails can mean the difference between life and death.

Contact our team for more information on Fire X or alternative fire-retardant profiles.

Material table

Silicone Profiles

TPE/TPV Profiles

Fire X


SiliconeTPE/TPVSelf-extinguishing silicone


Shore A 10-8040 Shore A - 45 Shore DShore A 10-80


Basic colorsBasic colorsBasic colors
RAL chartRAL chartLimited RAL
Metallic colorsMetallic colors

Operating temperature

-100 - +300 °C-40 - +120 °C< +270 °C


0-70 mm0-55 mm0-70 mm (Silicone)
0-55 mm (TPE/TPV)


EN45545-2:2020 requirements R22 & R23 for HL3
IMO FTPC Part 2 & 5 (Silicone)
UL 94 V Classification V0

Special properties

Heat-resistant silicone: up to +300 °C during short-term stress (7 days)High thermal resistance
Cold-resistant silicone: up to -100 °CFire-retardant
Fluorosilicone: resistant to various oils, solvents and other chemicals during sustained contact
Electrically conductive silicone: ESD and EMI applications and low voltage switch and sensor applications
Platinum vulcanized silicone

Optional properties

Stretch prevention cordStretch prevention cordStretch prevention cord
1-component or 2-component1-component or 2-component
FDA-compliant food grade silicone
Chemical durability


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New projects and environments bring new challenges and requirements, from environmental hazards to special soundproofing. Always do your research, but don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Our flexibility gives us the advantage to innovate and experiment with various further processing methods.