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Maintaining the equipment, maintaining a competitive edge

To meet our value proposition with each order, there’s a lot of invisible work in the background that is crucial to keep the machines running smoothly. Our staff does a lot of the maintenance work, but sometimes, it’s better to outsource certain operations to a trustworthy partner. Teollisuuskopla is a Finnish company offering repair, maintenance, and design services for process industry, such as V.A.V. Group. By working with Teollisuuskopla, we ensure our value proposition is met without exception.

Proactive maintenance instead of hasty repairs

The base of our cooperation is proactive maintenance, which aims to reduce equipment downtime to a minimum. Data-driven maintenance plans can predict much of the usual wear and tear, which is slowly becoming the industry standard for successful businesses. Jenni Ryöti, sales and marketing manager of Teollisuuskopla, sums it up perfectly: “Putting down a fire is more expensive than preventing it from happening in the first place.”

Proactive maintenance is one of the main reasons for the cooperation between V.A.V. Group and Teollisuuskopla. Juho Onkalo, CEO of Teollisuuskopla, considers this approach their bread and butter: “Being proactive is more efficient both for us at maintenance and for the industrial customer. Instead of being on standby 24/7 in case something breaks, we inspect the machinery at the start of our common journey and provide our customers with a maintenance plan for the future with data-driven software.” Customers are given a list of spare parts to keep in stock at specific times according to the plan and a schedule for maintenance. A simple solution to reduce downtime in production!

Transparency and dialogue

Being fast, flexible, reliable, and innovative is part of our nature, but our production depends on machinery. We allocate resources to other production lines during more extensive repairs or maintenance work to reach our ambitious two-week delivery schedule. Instead of hoping for the best, data-driven maintenance plans help us schedule our production so that there will be significantly less downtime and unexpected hiccups in production. “Our Project Manager Hannu and Development Engineer Arttu can access the customer interface to see all upcoming tasks in real time. This kind of transparency is welcomed, and we have high expectations for the new system,” says Pasi Vilén, Managing Director of V.A.V. Group.

The system not only relies on the services of Teollisuuskopla but gives responsibility to the customer as well: “There are multiple minor tasks that need to be taken care of on a weekly or monthly basis, which can be merely adding lubrication to certain parts of the machines to keep them running smoothly. Sending our employees to do those little tasks is inefficient. In the long run, it easily builds up great costs to the customer, so the system alerts Hannu or Arttu to add a drop of oil occasionally,” Juho Onkalo explains. “At the beginning of each customer journey, we simply go through all the tasks and tick the boxes of what the customer’s employees can do themselves and what would be on our plate. The software we are using is streamlining the maintenance process significantly.”

Even better reliability and flexibility

According to Murphy’s law, what you need the most at the time is bound to break precisely at that point. Thanks to digitalisation, this may soon become a thing of the past. At least, Pasi Vilén believes it will: “Budget planning becomes a lot easier now that there is less guessing and more knowledge available. We can budget our maintenance but also acquire new machines right on time. If there are signs of early wear and shorter lifespan on some equipment, Teollisuuskopla and our experts Arttu and Hannu can easily calculate the best timeframe to replace old equipment.”

But how does this benefit our customers?

In the manufacturing industry, production volume fluctuates to some extent. By planning necessary downtime beforehand, we can schedule some maintenance tasks so that they will not interrupt our production at the worst possible time. This means that we can achieve even better reliability and flexibility in our production by better allocating our resources even in busy times.

In short, we put a lot of effort into delivering even better quality products faster to our clients so that they can reach new heights themselves. All thanks to modern technology and seamless cooperation!

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